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socks and cat

Should I get it?

I thought the goggles I just commissioned and ordered (and should arrive early next week) were the perfect head piece for the steampunk belly dance costume. But then I found this on etsy.com:

I so love it, but it might be a bit much with my already elaborate costume. But I want it anyway, it's SO gorgeous!! And it's only $35.


.. yes.
WAY PRETTIER! And way more you.
What do you think of the boots I bought today?: http://sweetestkiss.livejournal.com/614425.html
Very nice!
I hope they are worth the money I spent on them. I really wanted something sexier, but I need boots that I can wear to school and until I find a sexy boot with a bouncy rubber sole I will have to do with these. They are pretty cool looking.

it's rather reminiscent of the Flapper girl.

me like.
It is! That's why I like it! I've been getting really into flapper girl type headbands and hats.
They look good on your too, especially with your new hair cut.
buy it!

Yes..Get it!

Nice to see you at the Picnic BTW...you looked wonderful :-)

Re: Yes..Get it!

Thank you!