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socks and cat

Deaf girl problem solved

Problem with deaf girl that wants to take my class has been solved. She is having a hearing/signing friend take the class for free in exchange for being a free translator. I still have to pay the instructor for the girl who is attending free to translate (it's in the instructor's contract that they get paid per student). But my out of pocket expense for this will only be about $100. That's MUCH better than the $840 for a professional sign language interpreter.

I could still face this problem in the future, especially if the deaf gal refers her deaf friends to take the class. But at least this session I'm able to cut my losses at $100 and a slightly overbooked (by one student who will be translating) class.


What a WONDERFUL solution!!!
Hey, that sounds like a good compromise. You don't have to put yourself out to write the documentation and she has a friend, who knows her, who knows how to talk to her there to assist. Maybe she'll be uncoordinated and not get it and only take one class. (yes, I'm evil)