Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

I have like 80 friends?

Holy cow. After only 6 days on FaceBook I alerady have 83 friends. Admittedly, I have 1 person on there I never met (because we have mutual friends and he asked) but from now on I will not add any more people I have never met. And maybe 5 or so I have met only once. But still, I'm pretty blown away by how many people I know. I had *no* idea.

I found the Seattle Gothic FaceBook community and joined. When I found it there were 6 photos on the profile page and much to my horror one of them was mine. Not that I mind being the face of Seattle Gothic (it's actually kind of cool) but I was unhappy with who was in the picture next to me. I e-mailed the person that posted the picture and asked politely if he had the ability to remove the picture. He was so nice that he not only removed the picture from the Seattle Gothic Facebook page but went into his online photo hosting site and removed all similar pics - no questions asked. How incredibly cool of him.

I am wondering what the deal is with photo posting on FaceBook. I heard there is a way to keep people from tagging you in their photos. Does this still allow them to post the photos but not tag you (which is fine with me)? And how do you set this?

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