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socks and cat

Thank you Michelle!

Michelle came over yesterday to help me clean my room and organize my office. Holy cow she's amazing! My room is clean. And she was getting the piles in my office organized so fast that I had to ask her to slow down so I could keep up with her! Both desks in my office are clear of clutter now.

She is also quite the handywoman. I have a mirror purchased from Bed Bath & Beyond that is supposed to hang over your door. Only I didn't know how to put the door hooks on. With a couple screw drivers she put it together AND found a more efficient place to hang it than I first thought of.

If budget permits, I would like to have her here once a week to keep me on track and keep this office more efficient. She is just what I needed.


I thought you were getting these services for trade. I offered my services to you and you said you were only going to do it for trade. :/
If you knew what I was paying her I can guarantee you would never work for so little money. It's barely over minimum wage.