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socks and cat

I hate it when I have to make this choice

Tough choice to make. I have been looking forward to the steampunk event at the Vogue so I can wear the steampunk belly dance costume I'm working shopping insanely hard on and go-go dance in it. But I just got an offer to do a bachelorette party at a hotel on the Eastside that night for $375.

Is it worth losing $375 to go to the Vogue event? On one hand I desperately need to start giving up paying gigs so I can have a social life. I have done so a little bit more lately and it has made me a much happier Cage Kitten. On the other hand, $375 would pay for the ridiculous amount of money I have spent on my steampunk costume, and then some.

I'm thinking I might offer the party a $50 discount if they'll move the party back to an earlier time like 6:30pm. Then I could do both. But what if they say no? How do I choose?


I hate to say it, but we're grownups now and work should always come first. But hey, maybe they will move the party for the better rate, I know I probably would.

I would have these conundrums when I was a teenager and I would just call in sick and go to Atlanta for a concert, can you believe that? LOL!! I was a bad kid! :-P
Yes but with most adults, working coming first doesn't mean never getting to spend any social time with friends. Most adults work during the day, not at night when their friends are out doing things together.
Well, that's not always true, but I can see where you're coming from. I hope you'll get to be both.
I hope so. I should take the bachelorette party. Wedding season is about to come to a close and in October/November/December folks won't be beating down my door anymore to offer me that kind of money.
Except for the adults that work at night. Most adults don't have that much of a choice either.

-as we bellydancers put it. :p

besides, you'll have plenty of time to dance about in your bellydance gear at Steam Con. :)
Yes, but I won't get to go-go dance in it! Go-go dancing is one of my favorite things to do in life. Even my LJ user name is a reference to when I used to work as a caged go-go dancer.
Offer them the discount.

Look, what's the point of doing this if you don't get to go out and enjoy life sometimes too? It sounds like you might do well to schedule dates with yourself!
They agreed to the compromise and we're doing 6:15 to 8:15pm. After loading up the party supplied back in my truck and driving back to Seattle, I shouldbe home by 9:15pm. I should be able to be out the door by 10:30pm and make it to the club by 11pm.

Lucky for me this is only a striptease and lap dance party. I wouldn't have the energy to go out if it was a pole party.