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socks and cat

No cheating. No cheating. No cheating.

Currently drinking excessive amounts of stevia sweetened chai tea to kill the sugar cravings. It occurred to me today that finding sugar free stevia sweetened root beer means more than just being able to drink soda occasionally. I could combine it with the Coconut Bliss brand coconut milk vanilla ice cream sweetened only with agave nectar and have myself an all natural sugar free root beer float!

Sadly, sugar free treats have in the past been a gateway drug to the real thing (treats made with sugar). So I'm going to hold off on making those sugar free root beer floats for a while.

Have I mentioned how TEMPTING all that Halloween candly looks at the grocery store?


Eating things that taste sweet has been fairly well shown to increase cravings for things that taste sweet and increase appetite in general. Whether or not those things have high calorie counts or high glycemic loads doesn't seem to matter. Supposed to be the explanation for why people who switch to diet soda don't lose weight.

So, knowing this, the real question is: why are all of my NSA protein products loaded with sugar substitutes making them super sweet!? It's a conspiracy to keep me from being ripped :( Currently getting my fix with fresh-picked blackberries blackberries (which actually aren't too bad, about 5% sugar where most fruits and bakery deserts seen to clock in around 10%, and they're nutritious anyway so it's justified, right?) but I am mentally preparing myself for cookiefest season... "just say no".