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socks and cat

I feel dirty

After staying up until 3:00am setting up my facebook account, I feel really dirty. It's like fooling around with some one that EVERYONE in town has also fooled around with.

But I do feel a little more connected already to some folks who don't have LiveJournals but are on my friends list on facebook already.

And now the awkard facebook question, when an ex pops up as a mutual friend or because their address is still in your e-mail contacts list, do you add them or not? Seems harmless enough if you haven't spoken to them in years. But if they update a lot it could be annoying.


Add them if you want, You can also hide updates from people if they post too many quizzes or something that you don't feel like reading.
Cool. I added N but I know he doesn't update.
I feel free to ignore them. And if you find someone who you thought would be interesting is boring or offensive but you don't want to insult them but un-friending them, you can hide their updates just by putting your mouse over an update then clicking the hide button that shows up.
This I like!
You can also set certain info to be only available to certain people:

If you go into the Application settings, you can set the privacy settings to limit who sees that application post.
What about if I read their post and want just that post to not show up on my home page anymore? Can I hide their new posts without hiding all their future posts?
Not that I've found.
well, I know your name, but I'm not so sure on the spelling.

anyways, search me up, "Xian". :)
I am starting to hate facebook. I wouldn't add anyone unless you know them. The problem is your friends can take a photo of you then tag your photo and everyone in your friend's list sees you. It's like the paparazzi. Out on a date? SNAP tagged, out at a party with a piece of cake stuck on your lips? SNAP tagged. You can use the privacy section to avoid everyone seeing you tagged in photos.