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socks and cat

bustle fanny pack

The most perfect purse for my steampunk belly dance costume, a bustle fanny pack!

It zips open and holds stuff and everything. It would look so good with my custume. Just one problem. The artist wants a $150 for this bustle fanny pack. I just don't think any fanny pack is worth $150.


$150? On what planet is a fanny pack with a couple of ruffles worth $150? For pete's sake, I bet you could find someone to sew some ruffles on a preexisting fanny pack for you. The person selling this...well...yeah. That's nuts.
It is cute! I would wear that! I do think that is way over-priced though, even if it is unique.

Off Topic

Have you seen this yet?


Curious to know what your reaction to this is. :>


Re: Off Topic

I had not seen that! I don't know what to think of it. Except that I want one!