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socks and cat

Gmail appears to be down. Every time I try to access my business e-mail, I get nothing or I get a message that they have a server down. I'm unaccustomed to not being able to access important business information when I need to.

I guess it's time for an early lunch break.


I am, as well - I can connect via client, but not web mail. (Unfortunately, the client in question is on my phone, and I need to pull a roster out of mail so I can enter grades.)
Yes, Google posted in the GMail blog that they are having problems with the webmail but you could use Outlook to connect.

Just make sure that you use the IMAP options so any updates are stored on the GMail servers.
I'm not set up on outlook to do that. And I'm surprised how long this is is lasting. At some point I do need to get back to work!!
When things get back to normal, since you are running a business from it, you should have some sort of scheme to backup your gmail data. While it isn't likely that they'll be down for an extend period, they have lost one or two peoples email for much longer. It is a free service and consequently there are no guarantees ie backup, QOS, etc.

I use Mozilla Thunderbird. Just set it up following the directions from Google, but make sure you set it to leave the messages on the server. Every couple of weeks or so, I just start it up and start it receiving emails. Depending on your volume, you may have to do receive a couple times. Once it's done, you have a backup, that you can then burn onto a CD or DVD, and you still have your mail in an easy to search online form.
My business actually has a webmail address that forwards to google. But I delete and file e-mails in google so I can handle them easily when I have time. On webmail I have nothing but months worth of e-mails unsorted and unfiled and I don't know which ones I have handled and deleted and which needed attention ASAP.