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over the shoulder Kitten

Just in case your google-fu is better than mine

Today is Cage Kitten's body gets to recover day. The only day this week I don't teach pole dancing. I rescheduled my practice session with another instructor so my body could just...heal. I don't know yet if I'll go to the club tonight or not. Maybe I should just chill or find a friend to go out to dinner with.

On to business. I'm looking for those graphic designer competition contest sites. They are message board style and the way they work is a person pitches what they are looking for and how much they are willing to pay. Every designer that's up for it, does the design and posts it. The person that wanted the design picks the one they like best and pays the designer (or the winner) for it. I know these sites are not popular among designers, so I apologize in advance to designers for the fact that I'm asking for this.

I'm not googling the right phrases I guess because I can't find these sites now. Can anyone help me?


One of my closest friends is a graphic designer. She does freelance work on the side. She is the one who designed our wedding invitations (you can check my LJ to see those - they're in an older post - or I can send you some pictures of them). She would be more than happy to talk to you and see what you want done. Her prices are incredibly reasonable because she's only been at this for a couple of years. I can put you into contact with her. You will LOVE her if/when you speak to her. :)
The two I'm familiar with are springwise.com and 99designs.com. (Usage gets controversial outside of those communities, btw, just to warn you -- many designers consider spec work evil. My opinion lives in the muddled middle, which is why I am sharing links. Ha!) I believe Tim Ferriss used 99designs recently, and he generally picks pretty good companies / applications / etc. I haven't used either myself.
off topic but CUTE icon photo of you for this posting :)
Thank you! :)