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BOOT fetish

Who stole this design from who?

Remember these boots I got from Hot Topic online earlier this year for $65?

Well look what Victoria's Secret is selling right now for $398 by Dolce Vita!:

So now the question is, did Dolce Vita rip off Hot Topic or did Hot Topic rip off Dolce Vita? And who would pay $398 for them?


It's similar, and it's actually a fairly popular style (i've seen similar variations for years).

That said, I still think the Hot Topic ones are more attractive.
The more expensive ones look like real leather and better made. They will probably last a lot longer and they might be more comfortable. Also, real leather lets your feet breathe.
The hot topic ones looks nicer. The Dolce ones look like these boots I have seen at this ghetto shoe store in the mall that sells them for $29. lol.