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socks and cat


I found these on steamfashion and the artist says he is willing to commission these for me at his cost. He makes no profit and he pays shipping. He's trying to build a body of work and promote himself this way.

My steampunk belly dancer costume came to a complete halt and never got done because I can't find a steampunk style bra. I'm wondering if it's worth buying the goggles if I can't even put together the costume. Would the goggles be cute with a goth outfit too? Can I wear them up on my head like a headband, because I certainly don't want them over my eyes.


I think those are really quite fabulous, and goggles can be worn as a headband, but you'll probably have to shorten the strap to make it fit more snugly when it's pushed up on the top of your head. That can easily be done with a safety pin.
I agree, fabulous. And for some people the goggles are the only thing in their steampunk outfit, so you have a great starting point.
I think it would be cute with some of the goth outfits, maybe even that bra with all the spikes you were thinking about earlier.
You're right! It will look amazing with the bra I just ordered.
i love steam punk.....thats cool!