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Kitten & Duncan


Woke up with everything hurting, especially lower back and wrists. I also woke up to the coolest Highlander dream. Oh, and some of the bruises on my legs are going through a lovely yellow phase.

It's hard to tell what's going to happen if I keep pushing my body like this. I can't tell if it's going to get stronger or just break. I do know that I need to start strengthening my wrists and lower back so that I don't hurt them with all the added work of new tricks and more practice time with other dancers and instructors. I fantasize about having the time to go to a gym and work with a personal trainer 3 times per week.

The weather is overcast and cloudy, just how I like it. Now that I'm up I think I want to go back to bed and read. But I have a big to-do list to work on.


Your body *is* your business - if you hurt your back, or even your wrists, you cannot teach or train new teachers. I'd make strength training a priority. With some searching, you should be able to find a trainer who will work on your schedule and give you things you can do at home with free weights.
I'm sure I could find a trainer to come over and do a session with me. I'm just the kind of person that needs the trainer there every time or I'm less likely to do it on my own.
You should try to make the time to do strength training. Being a thin dancer really puts you at risk for bone loss and fractures. Be careful. I hope you did some strength training in your 20s because weight bearing exercise helps to build skeleton mass. Though your skeleton stops developing by the time you are 30 there are still things you can do to keep what you have from losing mass quickly.
Seconded on the weight-bearing exercises -- specifically, weight bearing exercises to the point of muscular failure (in other words, move a lot of weight, really slowly, until you can't anymore, in under 4 minutes). It's the only known method of exercise that actually induces bone growth, and is commonly prescribed for people with osteoperosis to help them rebuild their bone mass, even in their 60's. I can point you at research on it, if you're interested.

(I'm engaged to a strength trainer. I picked up a few tidbits of knowledge here and there...)
Would your fiance be interested in trading a session for a session? I can teach her some pole dance or lap dancing in exchange for showing me some free weight exercises for my wrists and lower back.
I don't think she has the time to learn pole dancing right now, although she does want to learn eventually. She *does* barter, so I'd get a hold of her and see what you can work out. Do you have Eleanore's contact information already?
I do not. I'm only looking to trade one session. I assume once she shows me what exercises to do, I can do them on my own from there. So maybe I could teach her something that would only take one lesson too, like lap dancing?