Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Crazy pole flipping and thong stripping

The Cage Kitten body is ridiculously sore and bruised up. I had a lesson trade today with an exotic dancer and she was like no other dancer I have ever met. At only 18 years old and having danced only for about 6 months, she has the pole skills of a woman who has been dancing for years. I suppose it helps that she is also a ballerina, so she can learn quickly because she understands how the body works. But most of all she is fearless. She will try or do anything on the pole and makes up moves and picks up the moves of others almost instantly. She was a joy and a pleasure to dance with.

She helped me improve my Jasmine move, which is a really advanced move. And she got me to hold the gemini move. The gemini is not that hard, but I haven't been able to do it because it burns my skin so badly on the pole when I try it. She taught me to arch so I put more pressure on my upper body and less on the leg I'm hanging upside down from. We ended up working together for just over 2 hours.

On top of all that, I taught my most advanced class tonight. An hour and a half of crazy inverts and spins. And today was thong strip day, where I had them all put on thongs over their shorts so I could show them a sexy way to strip it off. It involves stripping the thong off in a way in which it ends up actually binding around your wrists to the pole, so you essentially strip it off into a bondage position on the pole. When I did it, one of the students shouted, "Oh SHUT UP!" She could hardly believe how hot it was. My students looked amazing doing the strip and hopefully the two married ones are home tonight performing the new trick for their husbands!

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