Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage


I had *so* much fun at the Vogue last night! Great music, great people to hang out with, and wonderful compliments on my go-go dancing! I wasn't planning on drinking at all but Michelle introduced me to a drink that is a mix of Smirnoff Ice and shambord. It was so yummy that I'm totally hooked now.

Most of all I'm so grateful that the Vogue lets me go-go dance whenever I want to. I thought my go-go dancing days were over because of my crazy schedule and teaching some Saturday nights and because I'm older now. But thanks to the Vogue I get to do my favorite thing ever, whenever I want to. And the people in the club make me feel very appreciated for doing it, and that's what makes go-go dancing so fulfilling. And of course it's also an excuse to buy even more sexy little go-go goth outfits. The other go-go dancer there embellishes her own outfits and I want to try that too. She took some black feathers from a boa and sewed them onto a spiky belt and it looked great. I'm inspired and I want to see what I could do with a black feather boa and a black bra.

Now I need to go clean the studio and update the upper level class fliers so I can go to the goth picnik.

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