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blade lick

Experts link gaming to depression/overweight

Here is the start of the article linking gaming to being depressed and overweight:

"The average gamer is 35, overweight, and more likely to be depressed, says a new study conducted by researchers at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The study, which was carried out in the Seattle-Tacoma area, found that gamers"...click here for the rest of the article.

I have a lot of friends that game but none seem to have a dedicated lifestyle to it so that you could consider them "gamers." I did once date a hard-core lifestyle gamer. And just by coincidence he was in fact nearing 35, overweight and depressed. So if I were to base my opinion on that limited experience with gamers, I would say the article is right on. But I'm thinking some of you probably have more experience with gamers than I do (I only knew that one hard core gamer). Does your experience of gamers, and I mean lifestyle gamers not just friends that happen to enjoy games now and then, fit the description in this article?


hey crowgrl13...are you the same Jenni I just met through Erin and Daniel?? I just noticed we have similar friends in common, and am putting 2 and 2 together. lol.
All I have to say to the majority of the article is LOL! :D

Seriously, most of the people I know who I would qualify as a "hard core gamer" are in moderately good health, not depressed (any more than any other club kid I might know) and generally are pretty well motivated. I'd like to see how they come to their conclusions in this article with whatever facts they accumulated.


um...is it fair to say I live with one? hoping she is not on your F-list... *hides*

it's really hard to live with...I tried dating one of those once or twice...always turns out the same. No matter how sexy I looked wanting sex and wanting to fulfill every fantasy, they still pushed me away for some "game" *shudder*
Humm, I would say I am not depressed (overall).
I did the rolling of the eyes at this. While I am smack dab in the age graphic and wouldn't mind losing a few pounds, I hardly think my weight is due to gaming. As for depressed, heck to the no!

Of course, the article doesn't really define the term "gamer." If by that they mean someone who plays WoW, then the "depressed" thing might not be inaccurate. I've seen a couple of relationships go down the drain because one person couldn't be pulled away from that game.

On top of that, half the people I play with (I prefer good old pen and paper roleplaying games), are actually in good physical condition. Those folks who are in relationships tend to put the SO first regardless.

Hell, if someone like i_feel_sick were attempting to seduce me, you can be I'd be telling the rest of the group to play without me -- even if I were DM. :)

So yeah, the article is a broad sweeping generalization, IMO with little merit.
Other than being a little pudgy, I don't fit that description and I have to say that I am a gamer, preferably table top, more often MMO now a days. I have driven 1.5 hours to get to a good game.

i_feel_sick: I hate to disagree with you but just like I wouldn't break a date with you to go gaming or take off work to game or have sex I would very likely put off sex for a game. It is a commitment, it is usually scheduled at least a week in advance and other people are counting on me. A long time ago I went through having a girlfriend who could not handle me spending most of my money on her, most of my free time with her and 1 afternoon a week with mutual friends, it was not healthy.
Sounds a lot like my first boyfriend, although he was younger than 35, and has had issues with depression his entire life.

I can see how the escape factor can make gaming addictive. I don't think that it necessarily causes depression, but I believe it could definitely exacerbate an existing condition.
I am nearing 35 working to end being overweight and bi-polar, Oh and I have counted myself as a gamer since I was 12.

Now in my opinion one piece that might be linked is that as someone that struggled with depression taking on the role of someone that was powerful enough to effect their wiorld on occassion was actually helpful in keeping me from only seeing the pit I was lost in.
I consider myself a gamer, but the whole lack of a definition on their side makes it difficult to see whether I would qualify for inclusion based on the article.

I have a once to twice weekly MTG card game that's in person with people and each time lasts from 5-9 hours on average. I also do video games, but I prefer games that have an ending and logged in over 90 hours playing Oblivion and I will sometimes decide that a particular weekend will be "me" time so I can just sit down with a new game and turn down all social engagements (ok, I even have a t-shirt that reads "achievement unlocked: left the house"). I read gaming magazines and regularly pay attention to game reviews (zero punctuation is amazing). Of course, I also exercise regularly, go out to dance clubs, and have an all around normal social life otherwise.

Basically, I think it depends on whether your gaming interferes with your life or is something that you do to enhance your already fulfilling life.
I've been a hardcore gamer for 5 years. I date a hardcore gamer. I've dated many other hardcore gamers in the past 15 years. I have lots of friends who are hardcore gamers.

Some are doctors, lawyers, teachers, bankers, computer programmers, stay at home moms and dads, business owners, and some are the stereotypical dropouts living off their parents. I am a business owner, my boyfriend is pre-med. He's 20, I'm 28. He is absolutely 100% physically fit, eats great, takes a full load of classes, works 5 hours a day, games 5 hours a day, and we still have a healthy relationship. It's long distance, the gaming together helps with that.

Some of our friends fit the description in your post, but only some. Most of them are either much younger or much older than 35, and most of them are fit, healthy, and happy.

I'm overweight and clinically depressed, but I've been this way since i hit puberty at age 7, it isn't a side effect of gaming. If anything I'm less depressed and have lost more weight since I happened to start gaming, than I was before I started, but it's due mostly to other life changes. I met my boyfriend through WoW, and WoW ended a very toxic relationship, so I would say playing it has definitely IMPROVED my life :)
I'm a gamer, but more RPG, strategy, board games and not so much computer or video games. Does that make a difference?