Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Can you help me find this (NOT the watch pictured)?

This goes out to any of you that have time to kill and maybe you like looking for things on the net. I am very much in need of a watch that has an hourly chime. It must beep or chime or say something every hour. But after a long search, all I have been able to find with hourly chimes are these big, bulky, ugly digital watches like this one:

If I'm going to wear it every day all day long, it has to be sleeker or more feminine or more pretty or more gothy or something. But I can't bring myself to wear something big and bulky and ugly like that, no matter how much I need that hourly reminder. I have tried google, I have tried watch stores, I have tried eBay, I have tried websites that sell watches for blind people and watches for people that need to be reminded to take their medication hourly. All the watches have been big and ugly. I give up.

Is there anyone out there with better googlefu than I that can find me a pretty or feminine watch with an hourly chime or beep?

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