Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

This is how it's supposed to feel!

I forgot how good this can feel. Today I had a practice session with a student and her friend that is an instructor at S Factor pole studio in Los Angeles. S Factor is the pioneer not in pole dancing, but in teaching everyday woman how to dance organically from their bodies and sensuality rather than just learn and memorize a bunch of pole and floor moves.

Having those two here in the studio just sort of opened up a safe space for me to let go of all the technicality and teaching I have to do and just tune into my body and see where it wants to go. I found myself making up moves I didn't even know I could do. I practiced an invert I have always had trouble with and just went right into it smoothly and easily (maybe because I wasn't thinking about it anymore).

And much to my surprise I actually found myself inverting 12 feet up on the pole! I have always been afraif of inverting that high up! But I was so in the moment and the energy and sensual feeling of the dance that I just didn't feel fear or think about anything. Even upside down 12 feet up, I still felt no fear. Although I did discover that I couldn't get down. When you invert at 6 feet up, you can slide down to the floor (while upside down) pretty easily. But for some reason I didn't know how to do that from 12 feet up, maybe because I had never inverted up there before.

By the end of the practice session I felt more alive and exhilarated and fulfilled than pole dancing has made me feel in a long time. This is how it is SUPPOSED to feel. This is how my students feel when they do it. I just haven't felt that way in ages because I'm too busy teaching to just relax and find myself in the movement again. I loved it.

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