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Meushi animated


It makes me happy when Vader rolls over on his back so I'll pet his belly. Meushi was my kitty soulmate. But she was a bit finicky about how you touched her. She loved to snuggle up close and be pet. But she hated having her paws touched and wouldn't stand for it. And you couldn't pet her belly unless you worked your way around it and sort of squeezed in a few belly pets while she was relaxed. But you couldn't do it for long.

Vader is pretty unlimited when it comes to lovin's. You can pet his belly, his paws, anywhere. And he likes to be pet ALL the time. If you pet him while he's sleeping, even if it wakes him, he won't move. Because he loves it. You can roll him over to pet his belly. You can pat his butt like you're spanking him and he'll just stand there and enjoy it.

And of course he lets me pick him up and carry him around. It's so wonderful to have that kind of unlimited kitty love available 24/7. He definitely makes me content and happy.


So cute!! My little kitten morsel is a love bug as well. Now, if only he liked laser pointers!