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Kitten dancing in a cage2

Because my breasts deserve spikes

Spiked bra (posted yesterday) has been ordered. When you include shipping, it is insanely expensive. And when it comes to bras, even if it's your size, there's no guarantee it will fit. But when your breasts are so small that you sometimes can't even fill out an "A" cup, having your boobs stared at in the clubs is a rare and special treat. The only way I can convey how it feels is if you imagine you have been flat broke your entire life. And then suddenly you have a million dollars to blow on anyone and everyone. That's how it feels having your humble endowment suddenly get noticed and stared at and talked to all night at the club. It's worth the cost of the bra just to feel that rich for one night.


You are so amazing. It's funny how you get hung up on this.
It seems like we want what we don't have. Those of us with bigger boobies would LOVE to have a time when men don't just talk to our boobs. We would love to have a day with small boobies so they can look us in the eye. hehehe
It would just be nice to walk into any department store's lingere section and KNOW there will be something there you can fit into, that will both be supportive AND comfortable AND cute.
For larger sizes it is sometimes IMPOSSIBLE to find something supportive AND cute. It is usually one or the other. I had less trouble when I had smaller breasts, and it was less important the the fit be exact.
Oh, and I don't know about everyone else, but there is no such thing as comfortable when you have big boobs. They are like big boulders and the weight of boobs pulling down on the straps gives me all kinds of neck, shoulder and back pain. So yeah, everyone wants what they don't have because they don't see the disadvantages of having something until they get it. :)

Edited at 2009-08-18 08:30 am (UTC)