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Kitten with a blade

Give me an excuse to buy this dress

I think I need this dress. But I own so many sexy black dresses already that I can't justify buying another one unless I have a reason or an event to wear it to. Could I make this into a costume? What kind of costume? Or what event would this dress work for? Give me a reason!!


But I bet you wore something fabulous!
I got nothing... that doesn't involve snuggling and kissing that is. :)
Ball gowns are not ideal for snuggling. Kissing maybe, but definitely not snuggling.
How about snuggling by way of a long slow dance? :)
for me to take pictures of you in it?
I already have plenty of sexy dresses for pictures. I haven't had my picture taken in this one in years:

The last time I saw it was in 2006...

Wow, you still have that! 2006 was the last opportunity I had to wear that dress.
The new dress reminds me of a spider a bit. Maybe with some web-related things?

maybe it is time for more pictures?
In my pole studio maybe?
How much is this dress? Where is it located?? I am filled with lust!
The dress is $50. I had it bookmarked on my Internet Explorer but now I can't find the site that sells it!