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socks and cat

Where can I get a cat like this!?

It has always made me sad that I can't share life's adventures with my kitty love. Instead, kitty has to wait at home for me to return. So this video brought tears to my eyes. This guy actually gets to share his life adventures with his kitty companion:


I wonder how he got the kitty to do that without spazzing out!
My girls would jump out of the backpack and be gone, like I suspect other cats would do. I don't think most cats would either tolerate it, or be so compliant. Oh well..
I've never had my kitties stay in a backpack, but I have had shoulder cats. I would walk all around the neighborhood with my cat Smokey. He would be draped around my neck like a shawl. LOL!
I now have a kitty that would love to be carted around like this. It's my dad's new cat. All of my other cats would completely spaz out and try to run away, but Juanita would just hang out there and watch everything and think it was cool.