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BOOT fetish

Want my boots now please

Holy cow the Pyramid Collection has the slowest processing time and shipping ever. When I order from Hot Topic my loot arrives just a few days later. I ordered from Pyramid Collection last week, and they just shipped today, and the boots won't arrive until next week. It defeats the purpose of retail therapy when you have to wait almost two weeks for the thrill and satisfaction of slipping the items on for the first time.


I hate that about Pyramid Collection!
Victorian Trading company takes just as long if not longer. Pyramid is located in MA so it's traveling across the coast to get to you as well.

Oh great, now I'm an addict

I had never heard of Victorian Trading Company until you mentioned it here. Now that you have turned me on to a store that charges $700 for gorgeous dresses I can't live without...I might have to kill you.

Re: Oh great, now I'm an addict

only kill me if you promise to wear those awesome boots when you do it ;)

how about WITH the boots

Perhaps I could hybrid the boots with some weapons and make them awesome steampunk assassin boots.

My new career as a steampunk assassin will help finance my new Victorian clothes habit.