Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

True story

Every once in a while I have a pole party that's so wild that they talk and scream so much that the girls on the poles can't hear me. I'm trying to shout out directions/instruction over the air conditioner, over the music and then on top of these overly loud girls. At times the girls on the poles don't hear me and just walk around it aimlessly and then realize they missed something and so I have to give the same lessons twice or three times, shouting louder each time.

With this party I finally said (and I've said this before of other parties), I wish I had whistle so I could let you know when I'm trying to talk. One of the girls says, "Oh, we have a whistle." So I'm thinking, cool! I have something I can use to get their attention when they are getting too loud. Now keep in mind this is a bachelorette party. So guess what kind of whistle they handed me?



bachelorette party...

Yeah. They handed me a penis whistle. So at first I'm a little too grossed out by it to want to even hang the thing around my neck to use as a whistle. But I realize that I really do need a whistle to keep this party in line so I decide to give it a test run. I blow into the penis shaped whistle but it doesn't whistle very loud and I don't hear it much. So I say to the girls, "I don't think it's loud enough."

To which a girl at the party replies: "You have to blow it harder."

The girls got a kick and a laugh out of the expression on my face. I think I walked right into that one.

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