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socks and cat

stolen from chuckland

Lucky for me my cat is a snuggler. I wake up with him all curled up next to me. :) Although he does stare at me from across the room on occasion.


Vader has tried to kill me on several occasions by running around and between my legs as I walk up and down the stairs.
Isabeau's big ting was to watch L until she was *sure* that no treats were immediately forthcoming, then she'd bury her head twixt L's breasts and put her front paws on either side of L's neck....she4 did that constantly (****-blocking me) until about the last week....
I really miss having cats around.

In my life, I've had plenty who would lap-sit, or who would sleep curled up on me while I slept, but I've never had any who could abide being snuggled.
This why I have only adopted adult cats, rather than kittens. You never know when they are a kitten if they will be snugglers or not. But as adults, their personalities are already set. So if you adopt an adult cat you can specifically choose one that likes to snuggle.
bwahahhhahahahahha....although with Laurie and Isabeau (15lbs if she was an ounce) reversing positions. I have pictures. ;)

I hope your headspace is OK after recent events....let me know if I can help....however....
I appreciate that so much. Thank you.
Laurie had to put Izzy into fetal mode to get this one (her paws were on L's cheeks before this): http://pics.livejournal.com/thunderslug/pic/0000b48c