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socks and cat


I have been wondering something since it was revealed that Michael Jackson used propofol intravenously at night for his insomnia. Propofol is designed to render some one completely unconscious for medical procedures. Is being knocked unconscious really going to give some one the same benefits of actual sleep? Human sleep consists of 20-25% REM phase. Can you actually experience REM while completely knocked unconscious by a drug?

According to reasearch quoted in Wikipedia: "Some researchers argue that the perpetuation of a complex brain process such as REM sleep indicates that it serves an important function for the survival of mammalian and avian species. It fulfills important physiological needs vital for survival to the extent that prolonged REM sleep deprivation leads to death in experimental animals."

Can you get REM sleep on a drug like propofol? Wikepedia's page on propofol doesn't say. And if not, what would be the benefits of being knocked unconscious as a replacement for sleep? Would you still wake up feeling refreshed like you got actual sleep? Or would you eventually die like the experimental animals?


I think there's a lot we don't know (and I am saying this in my professional capacity)... but we do have evidence that even our slugs dream. About eating.
All hail slugs! (it's a long story)
I'm actually following an MJ community right now with a doctor who's taking some time to debunk some of the medical rumors. I'll ask about this and let you know what zie says.
as someone who suffers from frequent insomnia, I say that many times, drug-assisted sleep is totally not the same.

aaaand, on a sleep-related topic: I had a dream last night that I was a pole dancer, though a lot of it was Chinese pole acrobatics.

Like xianhaos, I've been on sleep meds before (in my case, anti-psychotics)....I already don't dream (or at the very least, never remember them except for two nightmares I have a few times a year each)....but chemical unconsciousness of this flavor kills my short-term memory.



Hi. I just kind of stumbled onto your blog looking for goth resources in Seattle.

I'm a medical professional and the answer is no, propofol induced unconsciousness is NOT a replacement for sleep. It is not restful or restorative, you don't get REM, and you will not wake up refreshed.

Doing this night after night will just gradually leave you more and more exhausted.