Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Life, the Universe, and a little trash basket

There’s been a lot of reminders from the Universe lately, in my time of need, of how powerful and strong I can be. Reminders find their way into unusual places like a party conversation. And from the expected ones, like a Buddhist. But tonight I was dropped another little hint from the universe about how I can have anything in my life that I want.

It’s simple really…a metal mesh wastebasket. I need one in my room, a small wastebasket that is. Now that I have company more often it’s become obvious that not everyone appreciates having to walk into another room when they have something to throw away. I stopped at the dollar store this weekend but all they had were the ugly colored plastic ones. And I really like the modern look of the black or silver steel mesh ones. It’s been on my mind since… find metal waste basket…must find metal waste basket.

Today I got home from my temp job and parked across the street from my apartment. I opened the door and there on the curb was a small silver metal mesh wastebasket. Some one didn’t want it anymore and had just discarded it there. Thanks Universe! Thank you for reminding me that something as simple as my thoughts have the power to make anything possible. Thank you for reminding me that you can do so much more than just search or work for what you want. The power of your intention and focus has a way of just making things happen. And I do mean things much larger than a metal mesh wastebasket. Today a waste basket…tomorrow my dream job!

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