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BOOT fetish

boot lust

The Pyramid Collection catalog arrived today. In it I found this doormat, which would be perfect for me!

I don't think I'll get the doormat, but I'm seriously considering buying these granny boots:

The fact that I already own about 8 to 10 pairs of lace up boots doesn't seem to deter me from considering them, since I have a serious boot fetish. But the one thing I don't like about them is that they zip up the side. This would sort of ruin the costume quality of them and they wouldn't work with a steampunk costume unless I could hide the zipper.


I have those boots! They're fantastic!
Are they comfortable enough to dance in?
That catalogue is dangerous!
And they trick you! The last catalog said they wouldn't send me anymore catalogs unless I ordered something. I resisted and didn't order...and they sent me another one anyway!
Most of their dresses and tops don't come small enough for me. Although their pirate queen dress comes in an XS, so I ordered one too.