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socks and cat


Some of you may recall the fabulous metal bra I purchased on Etsy.com for my goth belly dancer costume to wear to Norwescon:

Well I've been asking the maker of this bra to make a brass version so I can use it make a steampunk belly dance costume. He assured me he would make a steampunk bra so I've been patiently waiting. After months of waiting, he finally put up for sale his fabulous new steampunk bra. The problem? He wants $300 for it!!! I paid only $40 for my last metal bra from him. I could not possibly pay $300 for something I can only wear once or twice. It's just not reasonable. But here it is:

Etsy is not a bargaining site. So would it be rude to try and talk him down in price?


Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Go for it. Maybe you could model the bra for him for a reduced price.
I don't think he's in the same state as me.
looks like a lot of work went into that.
Which is why I don't want to insult him by asking for a lower price.
tough call indeed.. hmm. Tell him you love it and appreciate how much work he put into it but that you can't pay 300 for it.. and make your offer? best of luck.. I think it's pricey but with all the work involved priced fairly (people spend big bucks on corsets, too..) as a work of art that it is.
Who are you standing next to in that first picture, and can I get her number?
I know, right? She was with her boyfriend, who was dressed as the Tom Cruise equivalent to her character (can't remember their actual movie names).
lilly and jack from legend!!!!
there is a lot of work that bra. Do you dicker when it comes to the price of your classes and workshops? Would you be insulted if someone said, I'd love to take your class, but I can't afford it - would you take X amount?

One reason I don't make things for other people is that they generally don't understand the amount of work that going into making handcrafting something and wouldn't pay me a decent hourly wage.
I understand, that's why I don't think I want to ask him. I really didn't need a bra with that much work put into it. I would have been happy with just a solid colored copper bra.