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lesbian wedding

Joyful to watch

You've probably already seen this video on the news. But if you haven't, check it out, it's a media sensation right now...

This video actually brought tears to my eyes. Why? The only weddings I've seen with any sense of self expression or fun is that of goth friends. Other than that, the weddings of normal folk have all been duplicate boring exercises in somberness and dryness. I don't understand the concept of expressing love and making the most important vows of you life with all the somberness and seriousness of a funeral. For once it was wonderful to see some one other than goths infuse their weddings with something that brings them joy, self-expression and a true sense of childhood wonder and celebration. Those people went down the isle loving ever second of what they were doing, and what better way to support the love of two people that are so important to them?

Welcome to what my wedding will look like, choreographed dancing and all.


That totally had me crying. That was AWESOME! Thanks for posting that!
try http://www.offbeatbride.com

she's from the area.
The link you just posted also showed me this:

Hottest...wedding gown...EVER!

Edited at 2009-07-24 06:08 pm (UTC)
There is a section for Wedding Porn. Don't blow your load too early, because I could browse that website for days.

This is, even AFTER a horrible experience where I called off my wedding and never plan to get married. I still check that website weekly.
Look what you've done...I'm addicted to that site now!!!
The whole time I was watching that I was thinking, "Damn, I want to be whatever religion they are that the minister was so cool about this". I agree, I loved my formal catholic wedding, but, it was very scripted and serious. We definitely added unique touches to it and the people involved were so much fun and so happy that it wasn't like a funeral, but still. That was cool.
Thanks for sharing this. It really brough a smile to my face.
my favoritest internet video evar!
Ah, I'm crying like a little bitch. This was utterly amazing - the song is so appropriate too! I think because my wedding is coming up so soon, it really got to me. Thanks for posting this. :)
I am with you and everyone - I totally fricking cried because what an awesome idea that was and how each set of people got to show off their personalities and have fun. That is what weddings are about! Or at least that is what they should be about. I plan to have something about "Do you promise in case of a zombie invasion to help fortify your home and shoot her in the head should she get biten"...because it is totally us and I want it in the middle of sappy stuff because laughter is important to us.