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My weekend

I have no idea if I’ll have internet access from my temp job today. Probably. But working for a telecom company probably also means my internet access will be monitored. I don’t expect to have daytime internet access for a while.

I spent way too much time pouting on Friday night about the fact that I didn’t get to go to the Vogue. It just seems like everyone was there and I wasn’t. Not to mention the WAY sexy new thigh high PVC lace up platform boots I wanted to show off.

Saturday is a blur. Saturday night I took l00p along and we joined my friends who gathered for food, fun and movies. I had a great time and L00p really enjoyed it too. I introduced him to everyone…expect one person. I couldn’t bring myself to formally introduce my snuggle buddy to the man I’m dating now (for the record there’s been no simultaneous dating going on here). Having them in the same room together was some kind of slow, frustrating but temporary weirdness and in spite of the fact that I don’t normally like wine I suddenly found myself consuming as much as I could get my hands on. Which, by the way, turned out to be about two very small glasses. Sorry, I’m afraid this story doesn’t end with me getting sloshing drunk or anything. Just me realizing no one was going to die over it but still feeling awkward that I never formally introduced them.

Somewhere toward the end of the night it was mentioned that they had a copy of Playmate of the Apes and how it horribly bad it was. I had a hard time believing that anything with scantily clad hot chicks could be all that bad to watch and asked to see it. I soon regretted this. Suffice it to say after about 5 minutes I was BEGGING them to stop the movie. We did watch most of it though and some of it was so ridiculously bad (and the audience commentary so ridiculously good) that it left me laughing so hard I had tears running down my face.

On Sunday we went to a housewarming party of some friends I don’t get to see much anymore. Since I joined the goth community I’ve really started to slip away from many of my other friendships. And it’s not that I’m not still friends with non-gothy folk. It’s just that they sometimes slip into the realm of only seeing them at a party 2 or 3 times a year. And this was one of those parties. Toward the end of the party the conversation oddly drifted toward the topic of how we can manifest things in our lives by setting the intention but remaining unattached to the outcome. This is exactly the subject I would expect to be discussed among my friends in my spiritual community. But none of them were members of that community. It was just a coincidence that they were deeply analyzing and discussing something which is so important to me and so present in my life.

Later that night we went to the evening service at Center For Spiritual Living. The guest speaker was a Buddhist Abbot. And among the Buddhist principals discussed were the ability to remain present and “go with the flow” which is also known as detachment. The principal has become so important to me and I’m so amazed at how reminders are showing up everywhere from my relationships to a party conversation to the wise teachings of a practiced Buddhist. I always want to remember not to cling to anything in life. Because the tighter we hold on to things the more energy we are putting into not losing them. And the harder we hold on the more likely they are to slip through our grasp.

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