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socks and cat

He's back from Iraq

quicksilver1 is back from Iraq and will be back on our town home by tomorrow...temporarily. They extended his tour of duty, which I expected. I have been hoping he would be back by December but I'm starting to lose that hope. But they are giving him a break or vacation between assignments in Iraq. So he is on a base in San Diego now and will fly to Seattle tomorrow. He has a few weeks off and will spend some here with me and some with family in Colorado.

I want him back for good. I need him back for good. But I don't get to say when the war is over, and he volunteered for this 3rd tour of duty. So I will do my best to enjoy the time that he is here and just get by as I normally do when he is gone.

And now I need to clean the house like crazy before he gets back!!!!


*hug* Best wishes for another safe deployment.
Glad he's ok...glad he's coming back to visit you... and hoping
everything will have a happy ending
Awwwww, I'm sorry he's going back, but yay for him being home for a while! I'm so happy you guys have some more time for a while :-)
Glad to hear that he's safely back!