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KUOW 94.9 FM Seattle

Does anyone out there in Seattle listen to KUOW? I have a pre-interview with them tomorrow as the first step in a process of being interviewed on the air about my business. I don't listen to their station so I feel like I'm at a disadvantage here.


PBS, generally fairly dry interviews. Not radio shock jocks or pranksters.

I listen a lot, at least 2 of their hour long shows a week and a good number of the shorter news stuff they do for national distribution.
I listen to them too. Who is interviewing you, or on which show?

He didn't say what show. All the producer said was: "Our show focuses on personal profiles of fascinating people around Seattle, and we thought this might be a good fit."

Any idea which show this might be?
I listen quite a bit as well. They definitely do serious, good interviews. I would be very curious as to what show and if they mentioned a particular story.

My opinion is that it is probably a good thing that you are being interviewed, especially for your business.
I listen to them all the time, and know a lot of people who do as well.
I listen all the time. I hope you get interviewed by Jeannie Yandel..she's the best!!