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socks and cat

catnip bubbles

I purchased cat nip bubbles at the pet store today for Vader. I really thought they would be the best time ever. I had images in my head of Vader running and leaping at and eating bubbles. I was sure it would be so much fun!

Instead, the bubbles just plopped to the floor where Vader would sniff or lick them. He would hardly look up at the bubbles at all and after a while I just had a bubbly wet floor that I had to wipe down with a towel.

Not so fun after all. I did also get him some catnip spray which I will use to refresh his toys later. Nothing is too good for my baby boy.


I tried that stuff too...I had the same expectations as you...and had the same experience as you. lol. I wonder if any kitties really do what we want them to with the bubbles. Because it sure was a great invention in theory!
My cats are older and not as playful persay, but I swear, they get bored with any purchased 'toy' item, but never outgrow the novelty of tissue paper, a box or bag.
I tried those too. No interest. Actually Tristan was a little afraid when one exploded in his face. He also tried tasting it and I could tell it was awful the way he tried to get it off his tongue.

I did have a cat a long time ago who did like to chase bubbles, but we didn't use the catnip kind so he never tried to taste the awful stuff.

The best fun ever is a zoom mat. You put catnip inside and the cat rus at it and zooms all over the place. Afterward my kitty Tristan curls up on it and takes a nap. He loves it.

Zoro has his favorite toy: a little brown catnip mouse from Mud Bay. He carries the thing around the house and leaves it in places where he knows I'll find it, like a gift! I'll find it in my shoe, next to my toothbrush, on my pillow, etc. It's the cutest thing ever. :)