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socks and cat

If you want to know what exotic dance looks like...

This new video was just put out by the school in Los Angeles where I did much of my instructor training. You can check out this preview to see some real exotic dance moves. What we do in my classes is similar, but more slow and sensual (her style in the video is more fast and performance like):

If anyone tries to order a copy, let me know if you are successful. I keep trying to order but get a paypal error message from their shopping cart. I think my cookies are enabled so I'm wondering if the error is from them or me.


lol. I have to say this was very funny and odd for me to watch. I think you know why. *snicker*
Too fast! Too fast! :)
Exactly. Fast is not sensual.
The part that amused me was the bit that flashed up "Authentic exotic dance". I got to thinking "There's a fake kind of exotic dance?"
It's actually a reference to instructors like myself who teach exotic dance but have never been employed as strippers or exotic dancers. The instructor in this video was an exotic dancer for something like 15 years (as well as a circus acrobat and aerial performer). So technically she can call her moves "authentic" since she actually used them on stage in strip clubs.

Also a lot of schools tame down some of the naughty stripper moves into more graceful and sensual moves for pole dance and exotic dance fitness classes. So they are less "authentic" but they appeal more to everyday women (students, housewives, office professionals, etc.) who are just looking to feel more beautiful and sensual and fit rather than just learn an art form designed to entice men. There is some cross over between "authentic" moves that are designed to turn men on and more sensual and graceful moves that we use in our fitness classes for everyday women. But many of us prefer to start women with the slower more sensual and easy moves and then slowly ease them into more authentic and naughty moves in the upper level classes. So technically we are less "authentic" exotic dance and more focuses on fitness, meditative movement, ease and exploring sensuality and building positive body image and self-esteem through movement and dance. Both versions of exotic dance can build fitness and empowerment and it's up to individual women to decide which art form might better suit their personal goals.


<3 the music

The song in the background is one of my absolute favorites to dance to...