Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Maybe my best, or maybe just my bravest performance ever

Saturday night was a milestone in my history of pole performances. I have never before in a public performance (if you can consider a private 4th of July party "public") combined the sensual side of pole dance with the acrobatic. In public I have always stuck to the tricks and spin and inversions and omitted anything deeply personal or sensual in the dance. Even at amateur night at Deja Vu I never really share anything truly sensual and only rush my way through a few sexy floor moves before going back to the pole. But this time I put together the sensual floorwork and pole moves with a powerful acrobatic routine into what might be my best performance ever.

I think it helped that I got to perform on carpet for once. Usually at performances the pole is on a hard and painful surface, making exotic floorwork on your knees and back uncomfortable and best and painfully bruising at worst. This time I had a soft surface so I felt uninhibited and I was able to transition smoothly from the pole to the floor and never once have to be limited by what might be otherwise painful on a hard floor.

Another factor that helped was a new song that one of my advanced students introduced me to. It's called "Closer" by the Kings of Leon: It has a slow, grindy, sexy, haunted and swirly gothy music track but with deep, soulful, blues like singing. I can only guess as to the what the lyrics mean but it seems to indicate his love for this woman has been brewing like a storm over the sea and he can feel the tension in the air as he chases her and the storm comes closer and closer. To add a ghostly feel to it, he admits he has been chasing her for 2,000 years. For pole dancing as an art form, your pole and the floor are just your canvas. But it's your body and the music that combine into a deep and moving palette of colors with which to paint your emotions, feelings and desires. That song pulled out a few desires I didn't even know I could dance with.

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