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socks and cat

Things I have learned in the last hour that make me sad...

1. None of Michael Jackson's children are biologically related to him. And the mother of two of them signed away her parental rights not once, but twice (she got custody back once but agreed to sign away the rights a second time if she was paid more money). So the children have no parent or biological relative to go to now.

2. Michael Jackson was mixing prescription drugs the same way Anna Nicole and Heath Ledger were.

3. There are reports that he suffered from anorexia, which weakens the heart.

I can only imagine the revealed secrets and custody battles that will continue to take center stage for months to come.


Yikes. Yep. Lots of media attention will surround this event. Probably even more than Fawcett's or McMahon's deaths.
I was thinking about his kids. =(
I'm curious, where did you find source for 1. about his kids?
Weird. The only stories on there I could find with that info were 'allegations' or 'he said she said'/speculation gossip stuff. I don't think anyone's actually done any DNA tests on the kids, and if so, there's no way to know definitively. Also, Debbie Rowe only filed once to give MJ sole custody/rights to the kids, but a judge denied and gave rights back to her (but I believe he still had sole custody).

It's hard to tell what's truth and what's gossip since so much information is floating around. I was just curious because I couldn't find anything that said for sure other than speculations, so I didn't know if the article in question had been removed or something.
Sorry, I should have specified. On msnbc the television network, not the website. I think the information was revealed in an interview with his biographer.

And I was just as surprised to hear that the children were not biologically his. That would make no sense at all unless he had some potential health problem he didn't want his children to inherit.