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socks and cat

Speaking of dresses

I have two weddings to attend next month, one on July 4th and one on July 5th. I'm running into the same problem I had when I attended a wedding last year. Just about all of my dressy clothes are black or black based (meaning mostly black). I need something summer looking and nice for weddings.

Recently I vowed not to buy any more black clothing, only black accessories or lingerie. Everything else had to be color. This vow failed miserably as I continued to find cute black things that I just loved. I am trying to de-goth a bit and introduce some color. The closest I have come so far is buying neutral colors like white and gray. I did buy one brilliantly dark emerald skirt. But I have nothing to match it except more black tops. So my re-introduction to color is stalled at best.


I so totally have this problem too. It's not my fault that everything I love is black! But it does make dressing for a wedding very difficult!
Contact your brides and ask if it is acceptable for you to wear a pretty, but black heavy, outfit. Many brides don't have a problem with it unless you look like you're attending a funeral. Especially if you accentuate the black out fit with lots of colorful accessories.
We should go shopping. :)
My youngest niece has demanded I wear more colour in the past.. she says "that's start" when she sees any dash of colour in my clothing... I laughted when she said if I sat in a black chair I'd disappear.. so I started to add some royal dark blues and deep purples to my wardrobe (plus I had the blue/purple streaks in my hair anyways..) but yes it's freaken hard to start adding colour when you're used to the standby cute black outfits.. lol. Now I have to work in some neutrals with the honey and black locks, lol. I have a wedding this summer. I'n wearing a fancy black tank with some metal and bead detail.. and maybe find something neutral for the bottoms.. and if not.. well and least my hair won't be blue for their wedding, haha.
I've worn black to many a nongoth wedding, and it genuinely didn't seem to be a big deal. I do however have a dress, strecthy, white mesh with black flora print over black, so it looks light gray-ish. The tag is torn out, so no clue of the size, as I got it at a clothing swap (the one you told me about on Crown Hill) Anyway, if you want it for the wedding, it's yours.
I would love to come and see it! Maybe early Wednesday evening or Sunday night?
I'm off this Wed, but have a few errands to run, and one is depending on when the another person is availible. I also have troupe practice, but usually home 9:30ish. I'm not sure if you mean this coming Sun or next, but I'm sure we can find time as we live close by each other. Let me know--you can email me at garoylette@yahoo.com or call (do you have my # ?)
I don't have your number. I e-mailed you twice though to set this up and both times it bounced back to me with the following message:

Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address. <garoylette@yahoo.com>:
Remote host said: 554 delivery error: dd This user doesn't have a yahoo.com account
Oooh, I see that I 'mistyped' my email address. gargoylette@yahoo.com 706-7078. Sorry, My Bad!
As a former wedding planner I can tell you that black is fine for a formal or evening wedding. You wouldn't want to wear it to a morning wedding in a park, but you get the picture. Ad some great turquoise or coral jewelry or a bright wrap to give it a blast of color. Most of all, have fun.
These are daytime weddings. In fact, the one on the 4th of July is at 11am.