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kitten on a cage


I'm losing my interest in alcohol. When I order a kamakazi at Noc Noc, I end up mildly drunk, or at least much too tipsy to drive for a long time. But at the Vogue the drinks are so watered down that I can drink 3 kamakazi's and feel no buzz at all. Lately it seems like my choices are being drunk from one drink or wasting money on 3 drinks to feel nothing. Add to that the fact that I can easily enjoy my evening without alcohol (as long as there is some good music to dance to) and I just don't see the point to drinking anymore.

I'm not saying I'll never drink again. I just don't expect to be doing much of it in the near future.


I don't like wine. I actually don't like the taste of alcohol at all. I prefer tea with my meals. :) I wish they served hot tea at clubs.
I'm planning on going on the wagon after my birthday, probably for an extended period of time. It saves you so much money, you can leave a club feeling secure, and no hangovers. All good things. :>


Edited at 2009-06-11 07:04 pm (UTC)
Well I haven't had any hang overs (I guess I never drink that much). But those drinks at Noc Noc or so strong that a few weeks ago I had to find a ride home when they closed and then take the bus back the next day to get my car. So did not dig that.
Glad you got home safely, however. :>

After changing my lifestyle to non-drinking (due to a health scare..) four years ago.. I find the appeal non-existant now.. sprite with lime is my fav night out drink, now. A sip here and there to taste a flavour of an exotic mixed drink or something is about it for me. It's mostly just social lubriacant for many anyways and once you get past that.. I find those that do drink have the most problem when they realize I haven't and am still having just as much fun as them :)
Welcome to the club!

I just don't have many inhibitions to loose, so there's no point...