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Pole Kitten arching on pole


The 3-pole private lesson studio in my home had it's first party this weekend. I was thrilled with how much they liked the studio. The girls said things like "wow" and "you have a great place" and "this is really nice." I suspect some of the girls had no idea they were actually inside a home.

I think it helps that we can block the light better in my home studio than we can in my larger commercial studio. Add the disco ball and swirling colored lights and it really does look like a night club in there. The noise was more than I expected, especially when the girls jump onto the poles. But the neighbors said they will tolerate it as long as it isn't too often.

It feels great to have two studios running simultaneously. Without a doubt I'll be opening my second commercial studio on the Eastside by next summer.


It's good to know that you've reached some sort of amicability with your neighbors. Personally I think they need earplugs, but that's me.