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socks and cat

brief update as I start my day

Today is the day of 5 pole parties (and 1 off-site exotic dance party). It has spoiled me. I look at Saturdays in June in July that only have one or two pole parties booked and I think...what the hell? Why aren't there 6 parties booked every day!? Of course I do have competitors in this towsn. So I suppose I can't have them all. But with so many parties, it will be a challenging day to say the least.

Last night I discovered that because I have hardwood floors, we can play bowl the kitty. Vader seems to enjoy being slid across the floor. He will even plop down and wait for it as I reach for him so that he slides easier when I give him a push. It makes me laugh, it's tons of fun!


LOL! That's funny about Vader. Good luck with your busy day!
Does he like to be used as a bongo drum? One of mine simply can't go about her day without me playing bongos on her belly and sides.
I have tried patting him with one hand and he doesn't hate it but he doesn't respond in a way that tells me he loves it. He seems to prefer being bowled over being patted or drummed.