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socks and cat

More etsy.com goodies

Best steampunk skirt ever!:


And we'll see you dressing up in this... when? ;)
LOL! I'm hoping to put together a steampunk belly dance costume. And this doesn't quite fit that belly dancer look I'm going for. So I'll admire it, but not buy it.
Curses! Foiled again! :)
wow! if I didn't have such huge butt and thighs, I would totally go for this! maybe if I ever lose that 20lbs I have been wanting to lose. lol.
That kind of skirt looks good on curves!
I won't argue that. :) By the way, have you lovely folks seen this site?. The person running it is out on the west coast, if I recall. Don't mind the fact that she's loyal to a mad scientist...
Oooh that is totally me! Wish I had money to blow. i'll just save the photo and have Juliet make it for me when I do have money.
Holy fuck.

I am filled with desire!