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Couch Kitten

Want and got

I was totally digging this corset on Etsy. This top is a head turner for sure. Even the description on Etsy by the designer says that a girl wearing his won't turn heads, she'll break necks!

I decided against it though since I don't quite have curves or the tattoos (like the model) to show off in that awesome top. So instead, I just purchased this skirt on Etsy:

The skirt was made for a tall girl so the designer is shortening it for me before she sends it. I'll wear it over hot shorts and thigh high boots and have a fabulous time spinning on the dance floor at goth clubs with the fringe and sheer fabric flowing all around me. Can't wait!


Well, the model would certainly turn my head no matter what she was wearing!
Gorgeous skirt!
Good choice.
that skirt is fierce!

aaaaand, you could use it in your gothic bellydancer costume because of the fringe. :)