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socks and cat

Raving review

A student just left the following review about me online:

"I've only been taking classes at Pole for the Soul for a few months, and if anyone told me in January I'd be able to do what I can now, I wouldn't have ever believed them! Women of any age and fitness level can absolutely participate and have the chance to feel empowered and inspired. (Cage Kitten's name here - deleted for privacy) is an incredible instructor... enthusiastic and elegant, she is approachable, patient, and totally excited for each student's growth.

Anyone who is looking for a way to celebrate herself - look no further than Pole for the Soul!"


Great review! Make sure you ask her if you can post that on your website as a testomonial. You couldn't have paid someone to write better ad copy for you.
She's already posted it online herself.
Right, but is it on *your* website as well?

Incorporating a few choice testomonials on your own page is a good strategy. They can either be on a specific "Testomonial" page or worked into your main pages. A quote like that one is fantastic and should be somewhere on your own site.