Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage


I'm grateful for the clouds this morning. I needed a break from all the sunshine and heat. And I made a discovery this morning. It's not a good idea to burn prayer candles on your alter when the alter is covered with black velvet. I know there is a way to remove the candle wax from the velvet involving an iron and some paper towels or wax paper or something, but I'm a busy girl and I know it will be months before I get to it. I think I would rather just replace the altar cover. It was just a tad too small anyway.

Speaking of busy, my to-do list is frightfully long today. And all this needs to be done before I teach level 4 and 5 at 5:30 this evening:

  • Shower
  • Breakfast
  • Call shopping cart gurus about non-working discount code
  • Set new appointment with Colby
  • Log all payments and update student log
  • Mop private lesson studio
  • Set up private lesson studio for private lesson tonight
  • Clean main studio
  • Reschedule appointment VM Spa
  • E-mail reply to Jeff
  • Update lesson plan for level 4
  • Update lesson plan for level 5
  • Set up kitty baracade to keep Vader on the 2nd floor tonight
  • Call JO website about order that won't go through
  • Call Deluxe and let them company logo won't upload
  • Reply to Mikie's e-mail about workshop

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