Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Saturday's performance

My performance on Saturday night at the variety show at the Columbia city Theatre was a roaring success! There is nothing quite as exhilarating as hearing an audience cheer and applaud and scream for you as you do your best! The variety of acts was fantastic and the entire show was entertaining and fun from start to finish. The 7:00pm show was a bit easier to do though, the 9:00pm show was quite an adventure to get through.

After the 7:00pm show I was so exhausted from my act that I was sure there was no way I could do it again. I knew I needed dinner between the shows so I could try and get my energy back, so after the first show I headed down the street to Subway. But the first show ran late and so by the time I got to Subway, they were closed. Oh no! So I rushed back toward the theatre and found a Mexican restaurant on the way. I looked for something on the menu they could make fast, and ordered nachos. Then I rushed it back to the theatre where I tried to eat it all quickly in the area designate for the talent to hang out. Fortunately the side show freak and the singing bear helped me polish it off, so I wouldn't eat to much. Only I somehow did anyway, eat too much I mean.

So at this point I'm stuffed and bloated full of Mexican food and the show starts. I'm the first act after intermission, and hoped it would take a while to get to intermission since I was too full to be spinning on a pole and hanging upside down. But the show was in a gong show format and they were gonging people a LOT more in the second show than the first, causing the show to run much faster. So I rushed back stage to change into my costume, still on a full belly. After I was in costume, I couldn't get out the door without squeezing past this guy that was on a chair on his knees with his high heel boots jutting out too far. To get through with him blocked the way with his feet, I ended up scraping his boot high heel and cutting my knee on it. Ouch! Cut knee and all, I thought I was ready to go. But at the very last second I realized I had to use the bathroom. I rushed downstairs to the bathroom only to find a girl getting into it right before me -- and I was about to go on next! Finally she comes out and I hurry and as I rush back to the backstage area, I find the door (that has been unlocked all night) is suddenly lock shut. I can't get to the stage if I can't get in! I pound on the door and some one lets me in and I rush to my mark.

Small disasters aside, full belly and cut knee and all, I had a great time pole dancing in the second show. They scored all the acts and I tied for second place! First place went to very sexy girls performing a hot double dutch routine on jump ropes. There were people filming there, so hopefully I can get a copy later.

Posing with stage hand extraordinaire jonwa, who made it possible for me to be there by assembling, disasembling and transporting my stage-ette pole:

Posing with the Elvis impersonator, named Rebelvis. I performed in that rhinestone sparkly salsa dress:


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