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socks and cat

About to get even busier

I suppose this goes without saying since I'm performing in Seattle on Saturday night, but I will not be at the zombie prom in Portland this weekend. I think my weekends away will have to stop until after the Summer. Wedding season is upon us and this is the busiest time of year for businesses like mine that offer services to bridal parties. I have one other pole party instructor and I'm training a second one at the end of this month. And I already have my lovely and talented exotic dance party instructor. And Saturday June 6th will be the first time we'll have two pole parties simultaneously in my own two pole studios. So I am prepping for a busy season.

I'm already scheming for what to do with the increase in income over the summer. Mostly it's the obvious, put it away since there is no income for the last 3 weeks in December (folks are too busy and too financially committed to gifts and travel to take pole classes during the holidays). This year I'm also going to set some aside for January's rent as well since in this economy, folks seem to need a month to recover from Christmas before they'll spend money on themselves. After that, profits will go to something I haven't done since I moved to this location 7 months ago: putting a sign up on the business front. I'm on one of the busiest streets in Seattle, so a noticeable sign is an advertising investment. I have something in mind that might cost me $2k or so. I also need a new digital camera for the business, my 4 year old one is close to biting the dust. And my mp3 player that I use every day in class, is ancient and inefficient. I would like to replace it with a Zune.

So I will be a busy BUSY girl this Summer taking advantage of the busy season to earn more to invest back into my baby (the business). Vacations and personal partying may have to wait until the Fall.


If you're looking into a digital camera, check out Olympus Auctions on Ebay. I got a 12 megapixel Stylus for $190 (it goes for over $300) The Stylus line is shock proof and water resistant, so, if it starts raining on you or you drop it in snow it won't get wrecked. Plus, they're easy to use. The best part is that you're buying directly from Olympus and you get the full warranty.
I need a digital camera that can take non-blurry action shots in low lighting without a flash. Would you mind trying that with your camera for me and letting me know how it came out?
For a digicam that can take non-blurry shots without a flash you need something that produces good images at high ISO settings.

The ISO setting is the rough equivilant of the old "film speed" idea. 100 speed film was "slower" then 400 speed film in that 100 speed film needed more light to capture the image.

But, if the light was good, the slower speed film (100 speed in this case) would have less grain then the "faster" 400 speed film.

With digitial cameras ISO operates about the same way. A good camera will allow you to adust the ISO, which is the same as when we used faster films, so that not as much light is needed to get the picture. Of course, the higher ISO settings have more pixilation or less detail.

With a digital camera to take good pics in low light the size and type of the sensor is more important then the basic Megapixel count. A camera with a better sensor will take better pics in low light then a different camera with more megapixels, but a lesser quality sensor.

The bad news is you are likely to need to step up to a higher end "prosumer" level camera to get a good sensor and ability to take good pics at high ISO settings in low light. The lower end cameras just aren't going to have the ability to do that as well.

There was a photography blog I read awhile back that mentioned a specific Nikon that was known for it's great sensor and ability to take fantastic low light shots, even by candlelight! It wasn't cheap though. I'll see if I can find the info again.
Make sure you have the URL for your site on the sign. These days that's more important then the phone number even.

You probably thought of that, but it would have bothered me not to mention it.
I'm actually thinking of using one of the other URL's I pay for that points to my website. For example, people driving by won't know what Pole For The Soul.com is if they see it on a sign. But if I use Pole Dance Fitness Studio.com (which directs to my website) people will know exactly what kind of business I am as they drive by. I also have Seattle Pole Fitness as well, that might fit better on a sign.


I agree that a redirect might work better. I didn't know you had any. As long as you have something up that people can remember until they get home to type in, that's whats important.

I'm working on figuring out what redirects I want to buy for my new website so I absolutely know what you mean.