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She dreams with her feet on the ground

I've been going through a tough time lately and I really needed to hear these things. But for anyone who's tired of reading about the new guy, I'm going to start putting some of these behind cuts. I am very touched by what he wrote about me in his journal yesterday. I'm saving it here in mine so I can always remember it:

He wrote:

"She's her own person, and yet will reach out to me. She can find delight in the silliest, tiniest things, then turn around and give me a seductive look which would melt lead. She has more class than I ever really aspire to, but will stop people in midsentence dancing at a club. She defers to me when I know what I'm doing, then turns around and argues with me when I deserve it. She dreams with her feet on the ground. Saying that she appreciates the things I do is absolutely unbelievable understatement- she sees the things I do like I'm the first person in the history of the world to do them... And she's good for me... If that isn't a refreshing experience!"

How wonderful to be so appreciated.

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