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socks and cat


I found this on my friend's list for sale, the perfect steampunk necklace!:

But my costume is not even half put together yet and I can't justify spending $62 on a necklace that might not even match my costume. :(


Hey! I have a necklace made with clock gears! I get compliments on it every time I wear it. Just sayin' ;)
Oh, that is lovely!
Ooh, that's sooo pretty. *makes grabbing motions*
Did Sidhefire make that? Very cool!
No, it's listed on etsy.com


You have to understand one of the most important rules of being girly:

Rule number 7: "Buy it and build an outfit around it." which is closely related to rule number 347: "You'll wear it eventually."

Giving me an excuse to buy...

You are a bad influence on me! ;)