Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Come and see my perform on May 16th

Many thanks to jonwa for being willing to come to my studio and dis-assemble and move my massive 80 pound 10 foot high pole that is built into a supporting stage (also known as a stage-ette pole). Because of his support and help, I will be performing at this event: Please come out and support me and everyone performing!

Here is the list of the acts you will see that night:

- Magic Act w/ Maigc Hanz and Luna
- Sapphire Hula dance
- Rebellvis
- On the Double
- Bob Smith - comedian
- Slash Brosnan
- Trevor E
- Philip Fox
- commercial break = Horn-away


- Come back from commercial break
- Rosie and Olli
- Cage Kitten pole dancing!
- Louie Husted
- Ghoulia
- Rich Uncle Pennybags
- Terry Zink
- Pepsi Hartwood
- Ophelia Cummings
- Savoy Swing Club

This is a Gong Show format, so hopefully I won't get gonged!! And a portion of the proceeds from this show supports Lifelong AIDS Alliance.

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